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Tips for College Students to Protect their Identity

Published: February 06, 2019
Identity theft is prevalent in today's society. You hear about the newest data breach on the news or a new phishing scam going around. We've become accustomed ...

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft During the Holidays

Published: December 05, 2018
The holiday season is a prime time for criminals and fraudsters to take advantage of everyone who's busy preparing, planning, and enjoying the holiday season. ...

Steps to Protect Your Child's Identity

Published: November 07, 2018
Child identity theft is a major problem that many families are facing. A lot of these instances go unnoticed until children turn 18 years old and are ready to ...

How to Place a Security Freeze on your Child's Credit Report

Published: October 31, 2018
When you submit a credit report inquiry for your child's information, the credit bureau(s) will report back to you on whether or not there's a credit file ...

Guide to Request a Credit Report for a Minor

Published: October 24, 2018
If you believe that your child may be a victim of identity theft, you have the legal right to check your child's credit history through the three credit bureaus...